A New Known-You

Due to the worldwide climate change and global warming, agricultural ministries and agencies around the world are actively holding responsive meetings. Taiwan is in the same situation; our Council of Agriculture has repeatedly asked specialists from across industrial, governmental, and academic sectors to come up with intelligent proposals for solving the issues. They hope that the improvement in research, the development of agricultural technologies and the training of more excellent talents will help in solving problems in crop cultivation caused by the global warming, as pests and diseases rapidly develop when temperature rises. Poor crop growth leads to poor production. The occurrence of global food shortage will only be greater in the future. Apart from planting trees, saving energy and reducing carbon to help lower the temperature, encouraging people to eat vegetables is also a good option to reduce global warming. Hence, having fruit and vegetable varieties that are superior in quality, disease resistant, heat tolerant, damp tolerant, and easy to grow becomes a must.

Under the good guidance of the founder, Mr. Wen-Yu Chen, the bred varieties with superior qualities have been giving good planting results across the United States. In the last two years, Tomato Sugary and Watermelon Shiny Boy have both been awarded with the All American Selections Winner. This means that varieties bred by Known-You Seed possess unique adaptability, superior quality, high yielding and are easy to grow. In this new catalogue, we have specially selected the best of the best varieties from our entire list and have added 25 new varieties for everyone. We hope that farmers who have selected the varieties from this Catalogue can make more profit out of it, and hence there will be greater appreciation at the end user market.

In order to counter-act worldwide climate change and be aware of possible food shortages, Known-You Seed has begun to enhance its breeding programs in heat, dampness and disease tolerance starting in 2007. Known-You Seed has been planning to upgrade more actively the areas of administration, personnel training, facilities, and seed quality improvement. We hope by the beginning of 2011 also to bring out a NEW Known-You to all its supporters.